The Garden at Night

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It’s summertime, and the living is…well, it’s just plain hot. It’s not much fun puttering around outside during the day, but the evening hours are a different story. Once the sun starts going down and the air cools a bit, the garden is much more tempting, whether you want to catch up on some weeding […]

Perennials with Presence

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Each year, it seems like new perennial introductions are getting shorter and shorter. “Dwarf” and “compact” are the buzzwords these days, and sure, there’s a need for restrained perennials in small yards and container plantings. But there’s still a place for big perennials, if you know how to use them right: in an expansive border […]

Queen of all Colors

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   “I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.” — Pierre-Auguste Renoir Ah, the colors of spring: dainty pink, baby blue, creamy yellow, and…black? Though black flowers may not seem to fit the whole pastel palette of the early garden, there’s no reason to wait until summer to enjoy their […]

Helle-rific Hellebores

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Like most gardeners, Linden Hill’s owner Jerry Fritz finds it tough to choose just one favorite plant. Narrow the category to perennials, though, and hybrid hellebores (Helleborus x hybridus) are always one of his top picks. Jerry’s been crazy about hellebores for decades, planting these cold-climate champions by the dozens, hundreds, and even thousands in […]

Jerry’s Gems

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At Linden Hill Gardens, we think all our plants are pretty special. But did you know that we have a space set aside for the very best of the best: an area we call “Jerry’s Gems”? It’s in a graveled area to the far left of the Greeting Barn, over by millstone table near the […]

Matchmaking with Hellebores

  Whether you’re already addicted to growing hellebores or are considering them for the first time, you don’t want to miss: Linden Hill’s 15th Annual Hellebore Festival on April 1 and 2 (10am to 4pm) We’ll have a glorious abundance of blooming-size plants with wide selection of flower forms, colors, and markings, so you’re sure […]

Go for the Gold

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Of all the many wonderful colors you can find in foliage, golden leaves are among the most eye-catching. They’re particularly bright and fresh-looking in spring, and many continue to add interest to beds and borders throughout the growing season as well. Golden leaves combine comfortably with pretty much any flower color, too. They’re outstanding with […]

Blooms and Berries for Fall

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September is finally here and after the rough summer we’ve had, some fresh color in the garden is a welcome sight. Sure, there are autumn standards for beds and borders–asters, goldenrods, and the like–but if you want to set your garden apart, it’s worth hunting for some of the lesser known gems. Read on to […]