Planting Solutions for Soggy Sites

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During our unusually rainy spring, you may have noticed parts of your property staying soggy that normally weren’t particularly wet. Fortunately, those sorts of temporary problem areas seem to be drying out now that we’re in a pattern of drier weather. But what about those sites that you know stay wet for a good part […]

Cutting Remarks

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Proper pruning can make a drastic difference in the appearance of many summer- and fall-flowering perennials, turning what could be messy-looking masses into dense, flower-filled clumps. If you’d like to enjoy your beds and borders without dealing with staking now or sprawling stems later, this is a good time to think about doing a bit […]

Going Green

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When you choose plants with multicolored leaves for your garden, you expect to enjoy those stripes, spots, and splashes for years to come, and that’s generally what happens. Every now and then, though, you may notice that your variegated plants have turned partly or mostly green. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them—just that […]

Home-Grown Holiday Decor

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One of the wonderful things about having a garden in your life is that you always have fresh flowers on hand. Even if you don’t have a space specifically for cut flowers, there’s no reason you can’t snip a few blooms from your beds and borders for the occasional indoor arrangement or gift bouquet. With […]

Putting Your Garden to Bed

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To cut, or not to cut? That is the question we gardeners face around this time each year. There are good reasons to tackle garden cleanup in the fall, and other, equally good reasons to hold off until late winter.  Fall tends to be a lovely time to be outside, of course, so you can […]

Holding On

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In an ideal world, we gardeners could always get plants we want at the perfect size, at the perfect planting time, and have the perfect spot picked out and ready for them. In reality, we often have to settle for a smaller plant than we’d like, or else buy multiple pots when we know that […]

Bring Your Patio to Life

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Many of you who have visited Linden Hill this year have noticed that Jerry recently expanded one of our most popular garden features: the living patio. The rest of you may be wondering “What’s a living patio?”. A combination of large stone slabs and gorgeous ground-hugging plants, the living patio is a concept that Jerry […]

David Benner Moss & WIldflower Tour Schedule Just Released

Sign up early to ensure a space on one of David Benner’s popular home garden tours See our good friend, Dave on Saturday, April 9th at Linden Hill Gardens where he will be answering your gardening questions and also offering his own plants for sale (cash or check only please). Moss & Wildflower Garden Tour  […]

Time for a Fall Clean Up

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Fall Garden Chores and Hints Cutting back perennials is important for plant health, pest prevention and general garden maintenance at the end of the growing season. Cutting back now while the weather is still warm will give your garden a head start come spring.   Moles and mice love to nest under and in plant […]

Let’s Get Back to the Garden…

Let’s Get Back to the Garden….. Summer vacations have ended and cooler temperatures will soon return. Now is the perfect time to add some new additions to the garden, the anticipated fall rain will soak the roots, and mild weather will allow the plants to become established before the cold frost to come. Hydrangeas add […]