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In 2024 we will be touring the gardens of Scotland.
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June 10 – June 19, 2023

Led by Jerry & Amy Fritz
Jerry Fritz Garden Tours

Take this unique opportunity to travel across the pond and tour the gardening capital of the world with landscape craftsman Jerry Fritz. For many years, Jerry has visited the Cotswold region of England and studied the many beautiful private gardens located there. For this bespoke itinerary he has and his wife Amy, have hand-selected the gardens, hotels and shopping experiences included in this truly special and personalized trip. Jerry will be escorting a very limited number of guests on a personalized tour of the beautiful countryside found only in the U.K. Journey to the Cotswold region and discover why we Americans can only attempt to recreate the magnificent gardens enjoyed and cherished by the Brits.

“We are so pleased to share this experience with others, join us and discover Britain’s true gardening paradise.”


Jerry and Amy Fritz

Archway Chapel Garden and Chalfield Manor

Jerry Fritz is a graduate of Delaware Valley University who puts his lifelong passion for plants and design into every garden he creates.  Jerry never misses an opportunity to share his obsession with his design clients and fellow gardeners.

Amy Fritz is also a graduate of Delaware Valley University. She is the organizer and planner who meticulously researches and organizes the tours, setting up the bespoke itineraries and ensures a unique and special experience that cannot be duplicated.

This Cotswold tour is the culmination of many years exploring and researching England’s beautiful countryside and villages. Jerry and Amy are thrilled to have created a unique and personalized trip opportunity for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

All photos courtesy of @jerryfritzgardendesign