Let’s Get Back to the Garden…

Let’s Get Back to the Garden….. Summer vacations have ended and cooler temperatures will soon return. Now is the perfect time to add some new additions to the garden, the anticipated fall rain will soak the roots, and mild weather will allow the plants to become established before the cold frost to come. Hydrangeas add […]

Summertime Garden “To-Do” List

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Summertime Garden “To-Do” List The dog days of summer have arrived, this is the time when your garden needs you most. Watering is important and should be done slow and long. What does this mean? A long, slow soaking in the early morning is much more beneficial to your garden than a quick shower of […]

Mid Summer Garden Concerns

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Mid Summer Garden Concerns Come midsummer the garden is now in full flush and with adequate water and moderate heat plants, for the most part, are flourishing. There are several issues which may be causing problems to your plants at this point. Here is how we address some of the common issues we see here at […]

Drought Tolerant Plants for the Garden

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Drought Tolerant Plants for the Garden The Northeast has been experiencing much dryer conditions than normal. This is extremely problematic for both new plantings as well as older, established gardens. Even with some rain in the  forecast this week, we are still at a deficit overall, and the coming summer is bound to be rough. […]

New Arrivals for Spring!

New Arrivals for Spring! The warmer weather is finally starting to break through this spring. Here is a sneak peek of just a few of the fresh additions to Linden Hill Gardens. We have been busy starting seeds and prepping the beds for planting as well. Stay tuned for updates  on the cutting garden planting […]

Compost 2015 ‘The Good Stuff’

Yes, that’s right…..it’s finally back! COMPOST 2015 We’ve got the Good Stuff Now is the time to refresh your garden beds with a top dressing of our ‘custom blend’ compost. A combination of AGED cow manure, top soil, leaf mold, decomposed wood chips, mushroom soil, perlite, sand, organic slow-release fertilizer…..and LOVE. Great for raised vegetable […]

Early Spring Garden Maintenance

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Gardening Tasks to Complete Now  Early spring is the time to get the garden back in shape in anticipation of the warmer weather soon to come (we hope!). Now is the ideal time for performing certain housekeeping tasks such as pruning, removing old foliage and fertilizing. This week we began our spring housekeeping by pruning […]

Jerry Fritz Garden Design and Linden Hill Gardens – Gearing up for Spring!

  Jerry Fritz Garden Design & Linden Hill Gardens – Gearing up for Spring! Hellebore Festival is this weekend at Linden Hill Saturday and Sunday 9am – 4pm Can it be that spring has sprung at last? It seems Mother Nature is taking her own sweet time to warm things up for us this season. While […]

Hellebores for Your Garden

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Hellebores for Your Early Spring Garden After the long cold winter, I can’t think of a more wonderful plant to see emerging in the spring than Helleborus orientalis. Fun Facts and Attributes:  – Despite names such as Lenten Rose, Christmas Rose and Winter Rose, they are not related to the rose family at all, but it’s […]

A Cross Country Journey for Some Very Special Plants

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A Cross County Journey I will soon be travelling to Oregon with Peter Dubose, my Operations Manager, and partner in our new endeavor- “Premium Plants, LLC”. We are going there to hand-dig an entire private collection of hellebores for shipment back to Ottsville.  It all started thanks to my good friend, Dan Heims, of Terra […]