Putting Your Garden to Bed

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To cut, or not to cut? That is the question we gardeners face around this time each year. There are good reasons to tackle garden cleanup in the fall, and other, equally good reasons to hold off until late winter.  Fall tends to be a lovely time to be outside, of course, so you can […]

Jerry’s Gems

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At Linden Hill Gardens, we think all our plants are pretty special. But did you know that we have a space set aside for the very best of the best: an area we call “Jerry’s Gems”? It’s in a graveled area to the far left of the Greeting Barn, over by millstone table near the […]

Bringing in Butterflies

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When you’re zipping past Linden Hill Gardens on Route 611 in Ottsville, PA, you’ve undoubtedly noticed our super-sized Long Border. At 300 feet long and over 20 feet wide, it’s hard to miss! We work hard to keep it filled with lots of color for passersby to enjoy, even at 55 miles an hour. It’s […]

Stone in the Garden

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When you visit Linden Hill Gardens for the first time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of cool plants and beautiful gardens. But when you take the time to really appreciate the design aspects — particularly the hardscaping — you’ll understand why owner Jerry Fritz is widely known as a landscape craftsman […]

New and Noteworthy at Linden Hill

If you haven’t yet been to Linden Hill Gardens this spring, you’re in for a big surprise. We have many exciting changes to share with you! New Days and Hours In 2017, Linden Hill will be open Saturdays and Sundays only, from 10am to 4pm. During the week, we’re concentrating on supporting Jerry and Evan’s […]

Matchmaking with Hellebores

  Whether you’re already addicted to growing hellebores or are considering them for the first time, you don’t want to miss: Linden Hill’s 15th Annual Hellebore Festival on April 1 and 2 (10am to 4pm) We’ll have a glorious abundance of blooming-size plants with wide selection of flower forms, colors, and markings, so you’re sure […]

Go for the Gold

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Of all the many wonderful colors you can find in foliage, golden leaves are among the most eye-catching. They’re particularly bright and fresh-looking in spring, and many continue to add interest to beds and borders throughout the growing season as well. Golden leaves combine comfortably with pretty much any flower color, too. They’re outstanding with […]

2016 Ottsville Holiday Festival Participants

Jerry Fritz is  pleased to be once again  hosting the very popular Ottsville Holiday Festival on December 3 & 4th in the stone barn at his retail nursery. Linden Hill Gardens is glad to provide a venue for these talented and hardworking artisans who take great pride in offering one-of-kind items you will not find anywhere else. […]

Holding On

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In an ideal world, we gardeners could always get plants we want at the perfect size, at the perfect planting time, and have the perfect spot picked out and ready for them. In reality, we often have to settle for a smaller plant than we’d like, or else buy multiple pots when we know that […]

Blooms and Berries for Fall

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September is finally here and after the rough summer we’ve had, some fresh color in the garden is a welcome sight. Sure, there are autumn standards for beds and borders–asters, goldenrods, and the like–but if you want to set your garden apart, it’s worth hunting for some of the lesser known gems. Read on to […]