Midsummer Magic at Linden Hill

Don’t let the scorching weather we’ve been having stop you from enjoying your garden this summer. Early mornings and evenings are great times to do a bit of maintenance. If your catmints (Nepeta), hardy geraniums, and perennial salvias are sprawling, for instance, cut them back to within a few inches of the ground and give […]

Saving Dahlias, Protecting Figs, Recycling Leaves

 Saving Dahlias, Protecting Figs  Recycling Autumn Leaves A common question we are asked by visitors to our new cutting garden is ‘Do you save your dahlias?’  The answer is ‘Yes, we certainly do!’ Here is the method we prefer to use at Linden Hill Gardens. For dahlias, the opportune time to dig the plants up […]

Enjoy a Glorious Spring – Plant Colorful Bulbs This Autumn

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Enjoy a Glorious Spring – Plant Colorful Bulbs this Autumn This is the perfect time of year for planting bulbs – after the first few frosts, and before the ground freezes solid. A little work now will yield spectacular rewards next spring. Think of an area that you wish to enjoy fresh, splash of vibrant color. Perhaps […]