Galanthus Mail Order Information

Linden Hill Gardens is proud to be one of only a handful of growers in the USA offering unusual varieties of galanthus. One of Jerry Fritz’s passions and favorite plants is galanthus.  Galanthus mania began when he first saw the wondrous and stunning planted masses and drifts at the Royal Horticultural Society in England. He quickly became a Galanthophile, defined on Wikipedia as:  an enthusiastic collector of snowdrops (Galanthus species and cultivars).  Jerry created a dedicated group on Facebook: The Galanthus Group of the Delaware Valley, where Galanthophiles can discuss and enjoy all things galanthus.

We ship galanthus ‘in the green’ (meaning they have foliage and flowers intact).  All snowdrops will be hand-picked and carefully packed in moist newspaper before being placed in plastic bags. Upon receiving the plants, open immediately, plant directly in the ground and water thoroughly.

Planting Your Snowdrops

Plant your bulbs in part sun to part shade. Galanthus do well under deciduous trees, and in well-drained, rich soil. We have great success growing them under the Dawn Redwood Allee here at Linden Hill, which receives part sun in the winter/early spring and shade in the summer, when the bulbs are dormant. Snowdrops will naturalize with bulb offsets and self-seeding. Galanthus will lighten up the bare winter landscape heralding the arrival of spring.  A suggestion is to plant galanthus with hellebores (Lenten Rose) and Eranthis hyemalis (Winter aconite) to enhance early interest in your garden.

Mail Ordering your Snowdrops

Galanthus will be available for shipping from mid-March on (dependent on snow cover). To complete your order:

Fill out the online order form below. Payment is accepted by credit card, Paypal, or check (payable to Linden Hill Gardens, PO Box 10, Ottsville, PA 18942).

There is a $50 minimum order, plus $15 for shipping and handling or free pickup at Linden Hill Gardens (you will be notified when order is ready).

* Large or multiple boxes will require additional shipping and handling charges.

Please contact us with any questions.

Join us at Linden Hill  for Snowdrop Days March 23 & 24 – our special spring event celebrating all things galanthus. More details to come soon!